sâmbătă, 15 martie 2008

Leapsa cu primele versuri

si eu ma eschivez, am scris cateva poezii jalnice in adolscenta pe care, slava domnului, le-am uita si le-am pierdut.
Dar, ca sa va arat ca se poate si la case mai mari, pun si aiic un alt fragment din ‘Heroes ‘Wanted :

“ Bill and Romeo, the cringing sycophants, never got close enough to the battle to see anything, and only caught a few glimpses from where they watched in the relative safety of a kitchen wagon, where they had easy access to some cheap wine. But even so, they put their heads together and came up with music and verse to celebrate the triumphant and often fictitious events of the day.

The walls were tall and that’s not all
There were bad guys on every spire.
But Phillip was cool as was the rule
To dudedom he did aspire.

Because he had the balls, he climbed the walls
And fought for his fair nation.
The fighting was tough, things got rough
But this dude took no vacation.

His knights were fierce, their swords did pierce
The armour of those who opposed them.
Then things got bad, Hans got mad

What rhymes with ‘ them? Bill asked.
Romeo stopped in mid-drink. I don’t know . Skip to a new verse.
Okay, Bill said.

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si la mine mai dureaza cu leapsa asta.. ma simt ca acel inginer cu privire inteligenta dar pe care nu stie sa o exprime;))