joi, 17 ianuarie 2008

Leapsa cu cartea de la Simona

“ big beat noun; a type of British dance music that developed in the 1990s and combines hip-hop style break-beats with rock and pop influences.
Big Ben a large bell in the tower next to the House of Parliament in London, on which there is a clock. This name is often used for referring to the tower or its clock.
Big boys, the noun [ plural] informal powerful or important people.
Big Brother noun [ singular] a person or organization that watches people all the time and tries to control everything they say or do.”

Cea mai apropiata carte “ Macmillan English Dictionary”, pg, 25, prop. 5 + urmat. 4.

La leaspa cu muzica ( de la alecs) nu scriu pt. ca eu nu ascult melodii, deprimate and so on. :)
A, de la mine leapsa asta merge la cine vrea s-o ia. :)

2 comentarii:

alecs spunea...

nici eu nu ascult melodii deprimante, ascult cat empire si chestii vesele si oarecum alternative, si mai scap cateodata un agnostic front sau un "can you feel it" de la pro pain :D
da in rest sunt pasnic si relaxat :)

Simona spunea...

dak asculti chestii lente nu inseamna k nu esti pasnic. does it?
:-j cred k m-am tampit de la econometrie!!!!:(((((((((((