vineri, 28 mai 2010

it's all about the veggies

...and the chicken

Big plans for this weekend. All week I've been dreaming about going to the market and buying all sorts of wonderful baby veggies and finally today i did it. came home with four beautiful courgettes, 4 bunches of spring onions, and 2 of garlic, 2 kilos of spring potatoes, 4 red onions, 2 red peppers and 2 green, 3 young celeries( too bad that in my market you hardly ever find celery leaves), baby carrots, baby parsley, dill and some more parsley, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something....oh, yes, the chicken.

The planned menu is vegetable soup with garlic croutons :), mushroom risotto with baby carrots :)( I've been craving for risotto for about 6 months now) , cherry pie or cherry cake ( i haven't decided yet) and the chicken. In the oven. Roasted. With potatoes. For him.

aaa, and lots and lots of wonderful salads to eat during and in between meals ;)

and for the time being I'm enjoying my dinner: nachos with celery leaves :D

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