miercuri, 23 martie 2011

Gilmore Girls dilemma

scurt pe doi, i'm watching again GG, pathetic,i know, but what can you do, life is cruel.

anyhow, in seson 3 sooekie meets an old friend from school and she invites him over at the inn to catch up and the guy thinks it's a date. but sookie is married, so she tells him that and feels very sorry for the misunderstanding and she tells him " let me give you some money". WTF is that? that's how things work? a guy comes for a date, he finds put it's not a date so he gets some money in return?

4 comentarii:

brightie spunea...

does she (un)date girls as well? :D

YukiAme spunea...

good question :))

DiAnais spunea...

:))) si eu ma uit. Au terminat sezonul si l-au luat de la capat asa ca acum ma uit pe vplay la urmatorul. Se uita si consortul... :P amazing, nu? :)))
Anyway... Sookie is just weird like that... :D

yuki spunea...

chiar ca amazing :)) ; eu n-am reusit performanta :D