marți, 23 noiembrie 2010

desperate measures or saving solutions

dupa cum spuneam aici, no more bus reading cos no more bus. Si totusi frustrarea mea de cititor neimplanit( la care se mai adauga una personala) continua. Something needed to be done. So on Sunday alex welcomed yuki to the tech-world, aka the mpr3 player :D.

Of course, the normal mobile phone should have been enough since i'm not a tech-person and the only gadgets i like are the kitchen ones. But, as it happens, my ears are too small for the normal headphones and they keep falling down. ( the headphones, not the ears). So, we went for in-ear headphones, which meant a new device in which to introduce them.

I can hardly wait for my first trip to work and the first book to try is "Lord of the Rings": i've read the books, i've seen the movies, now i'm going to listen to them :D.

only one dilemma: how do you write about audio books? I mean do you go for things like ' the voice telling me the story had a funny British accent so i think Frodo must have lived in London?'

11 comentarii:

cosmacpan spunea...

don't worry,
first of all listen and then you will observe how the words are looking for you

DiAnais spunea...

Cum te-ai inteles cu Lord of the Rings? Eu nu am reusit sa trec de primele mi-a placut deloc sa-l ascult.
Acum ascult Terry Pratchet. E lovely! Iti recomand.

Yuki spunea...

e super, mie imi place foarte tare, dar cred ca dupa ce termin The Fellowship of the Ring trec la alta carte si abia apoi revin la The Two Towers:)

Terry Pratchet n-am incercat, dar pun pe lista :)

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